Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bridal | Melissa

 Bridal Alterations:


The best brides to work with are the ones who are ridiculously happy to be marrying their best friend. Melissa was so happy to marry her best friend that she would do it any time anywhere wearing anything, truly in love. She chose a simple and very elegant dress and brought it to us for a little modesty decoration and a non traditional bustle.

We fitted a gathered portion of romantic lace at the v of the neck to give a touch of time to this new dress and to provide a little more coverage for comfort.

The lace was inserted carefully by hand with the full width at the lowest point and gently tapering off towards the shoulders.

To bring a little something special to her dress we also did her bustle. For most weddings the dress spends more time being worn in a bustle than down so when it's bustled it needs to be strongly rigged, completely off the floor for easy movement and to keep it clean. It also needs to go with the style of the dress and be pretty. Some times the traditional three point bustle offered at bridal stores just isn't special enough for certain styles of dress or personalities of brides.

We did a one point side swept bustle that brought the whole train up from the center back to the soft folds on the left hip. The rigging was tucked under the folds for an invisible connection. The bustling created similar coordinating soft folds that really connected the whole dress. 

Small modifications like this help to turn a wedding dress into your own and show off  bit of your personality. This is especially helpful when you've been sorting through racks of characterless dresses on your hunt for the perfect dress for your special day.

Now you can bring a fresh eye with you and every dress has openings...we can add lace, colored or white beads, sequins, a special bustle something to set your dress apart from the rest.

We just had to show this last photo! There are so many things to do with your wedding dress after you are done with it and though you can donate it, turn it into doll dresses for your kids or have it turned into a wall hanging instead of having it collect dust in your closet we still think it is so romantically gutsy to rock the frock and Trash the Dress. So inspiring!

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