Saturday, May 19, 2012

Make It Be

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 Make it Be

One of the advantages to our sewing services is that we can take our rules and mold them to suit the needs of your project. One particular instance is our work with Make it Be purses. These lovely bags are hand knitted with delicious colors of yarn, felted, and then decorated with a knitted flower or brooch. Each bag is unique with ruffles or stripes, fun linings and handles.

Our side of the work comes in with the linings. We receive the knitted bag shell and fabrics with which to make a sewn lining with an interior pocket and a top closure. We measure each bag, cut linings and pockets, make handle attachment straps, create a zipper top panel with zipper stops to finish each end and then the whole assembly gets fitted and sewn into each knitted shell. Each lining gets a label too! Can't forget to sign your name to your product.

Though the process is the same every time each bag can vary in width and depth. We combine a standard method and a custom fit for each bag. Each bag looks uniform in execution for a consistent finished product but is tailored to allow for the various sizes of bags by design or by expected handmade differences.

We truly love that we can be a part of the finishing steps that make these beautiful bags become a staple accessory in a woman's daily life.

How can we apply this same custom small batch concept to your product line? If you have a product that you create that needs a sewn step consider our shop to bring polish to your line. We understand that handmade means variety in size and we can work with you and create a look that unifies your items for branding stability. Whether you make hats, purses, need someone to sew finishing step or cutting contact us today to see how we can bring your products to the next level.

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