Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Custom| Slip

Custom: Half Slip


One task we at Creatable Lady find most difficult is clothing shopping specifically when you are looking for one particular item. it seems then if you do happen upon something that might pass for the intended garment it still might have fit issues or design elements that you weren't looking for. You buy it with hesitance and it sits at the back of your closet till you see it again and wonder, Why did I buy that?

The worst shoppers remorse is any kind of lingerie or under garment mainly because any piece is a real investment. Buying a bra or fitting garment that you aren't in love with is jurried, for us at leas, by that price tag. 

If you have ventured out lately to find any type of classy undergarments whether for yourself or for a gift you know how  tiring it can be to sift through piles of string-a-ling undies, crazy patterns or on the other extreme, the Grandma beige full coverage collection. Granted, every leopard print demi cup bra and high-waisted brief have their time and place but where do you look to find a classic silhouette?

This classic half slip was a custom item commissioned by a husband as a gift for his wife. He came to us after ordering one online that didn't meet his expectations in quality. He specifically wanted nylon tricot [tree-coh] material which is what slips were typically made from but now are available in all kinds of blends. Nylon tricot is great for a slip because of it's natural non-static, wrinkle resistance and non-snag qualities; perfect for a slip. Tricot is a knit and one of very few fabrics that is easier to work with if it is not laundered first. It keeps its shape and shine through washings and is very comfortable to wear.

We ordered this lovely red nylon tricot from an online source that specializes in fabrics, hardware and trims for lingerie building. Sometimes shopping for supplies via the internet sight unseen can be a little nerve wracking but they were able to help us also get a beautiful matching 4" lace for the trim and a sweet picot [pee-coh] elastic trim for the waist. We created side vents from the hem up the side seam for ease of motion while wearing the slip. 

Upon receiving this slip the husband was so excited. He couldn't wait to get it home to wrap it for his wife. His enthusiasm was endearing.  We can't wait for our next venture into the world of undergarments!...

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