Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What We Do

It's about time we get grown up and write a blog. Creatable Lady Sewing Design is a sewing setup designed to meet the needs of those searching for knowledge in a way that just doesn't seem to be present in Phoenix, Az yet. We are looking forward to offering personal services that you can't find at your local alterations shop, though we also offer alterations services.

Do you know where to go when you have an invention that needs sewn? Google it? Now there is a service where you can sit down with a real person and discuss your needs, be heard and develop a physical item for yourself or for production.

Do you want to learn something sewing related that they just don't cover at big box craft store lesson? We thought so. We are curious like you! We can show you how to create patterns, insert zippers...anything that feels out of your reach.

It's exciting, right? We think so! We are happy to bring the sewing manufacturing process out into the light and bring transparency to the world of custom creations.

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