Saturday, May 19, 2012



Small Batch Manufacturing: Dapper + Dash

One of our small batch manufacturing clients is a new local business called Dapper + Dash. For them we cut, press, sew, label and deliver quality bow ties to spec.We've been working closely with the owner Aaron Kimberlain since November of 2011 to bring his product off the page and  into the built environment. He came to us with a detailed packet of his needs and expectations required to make his bow ties. He designed three styles of bow ties, each end shape dictates the tied volume and relative bow shape, Huckleberry, Dagwood, and Churchill. 
Aaron gathers long retired neckties and puts them back to work as the main material for his collection. From there we open each tie and begin the process of cutting and sewing them til they are ready to once again grace the collar of a dapper man. Also available is the option to take your current neck tie collection and have them revamped into bow ties. They are available online at Dapper + Dash , at a Frances on Central and Camelback and at The Mercantile on Central just south of Roosevelt.

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