Thursday, May 10, 2012

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Custom Work:

Ring Bearers Pillow and Flower Girl Basket


Weddings have become a time when the bride and groom showcase their design aesthetic with non traditional locations, events and accessories. Brides choose colored dresses that more suit their personalities. Grooms trade in a traditional tuxedo for a tasteful linen suit.

In this case satin is traded in for burlap. This flower girl basket and ring bearers pillow were custom made to bring an earthy, romantic tone that is rich in texture. Vintage and new lace trims, hand cut wool flowers and leaves soften the burlap as it folds into the basket and around the form of the rectangular pillow.

The materials lend a characteristic of handmade comfort that allows the couple to keep the pillow around their decor, perhaps on the bench at the front door.  We hope that in their comings and goings they can see this pillow sitting quietly and be reminded of their friends and loved ones who came together to celebrate them on a special day in their relationship.

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