Tuesday, September 17, 2013

One Year...

Holy cows, has it really been one year? I stopped in to visit the crew at the last shop I worked for and I realized that my leap from working for the man to working for myself occurred one year ago this month. Where on Earth has the time gone? Granted, I technically still work for the man, many different clients both men and women hahaha but generally it's acceptable to say that I work for myself.

One of my interns learning to use an industrial machine
I have spent this time making lots of mistakes and lots of leaps forward. Gotten paid, gotten not paid. I had some wonderful interns work with me this summer. I have joined the Peoria Chamber of Commerce in order to begin reaching a new local audience of other businesses that might need my services. I am really so thankful for all of the wonderful people I've met along my journey who have given me great advice and been great clients. I am super proud of the clients who are now able to grow to wholesale some of their designs, and some of my clients who are able to move to larger manufacturing facilities after all the beginning steps of working hard together.

Working in a pop up space at the SeedSpot office

I still have a long ways to go yet. I am currently looking for a merchant service to take payments and serve my clients better. Always looking for a next great big cutting table. Always working to get the sewing room in order... don't tease, if it's clean, I am clearly not busy enough hahaha. Always looking to add new clients with awesome projects to my list.

I am tired, but extremely happy and I wouldn't trade all the lost sleep for anything. This is a hard road in almost every aspect but the sewing, got that locked down, but I love it. Helping new businesses grow is worth all the work when I see them reach goals and get to the next level.

Time to send out some thank you cards to all my clients and to update my policies to reflect the needs and capabilities of my growing business.

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