Saturday, December 8, 2012

Katie Jean

One of  my favorite services that I offer requires me to step out of my at home studio and into the shops of other local seamstresses to provide back up sewing for their lines. When I go sew for these types of clients I can find myself cutting dresses, prepping orders, steaming, cleaning, assembly line sewing or anything required to get the days job done.  This allows me to keep in touch with the local sewing community and have a fun working day chatting away while we sew. I also have the benefit of dipping into a variety of projects to keep my skills sharp on many fabrics and techniques which keeps my brain satisfied.

Katie Jean is a local designer who I work with at least once a week on her ever popular and ever lovely wedding and special occasion dress line. She sources local vintage fabrics and high quality silk and lace to create a line that is both eco-friendly and a soft, romantic choice for those ladies looking for something really unique for their wedding.

 When I visit I am greeted by Katie and her sister Amy. Amy provides sewing assistance and runs the day to day office and communication needs. She takes pictures of slips to send to customers looking to buy the famous ruffled lace slip dress because the base of the dress is a  hand picked vintage slip found locally.

A noteworthy detail... Katie includes handwritten cards thanking each of her customers for their order. Little touches like that are what sets her work apart. In a world where the love of handmade is growing I think that all the fine touches of Katie's work should be shown. These are the kind of dresses that you can feel care and love tenderly sewn in with each stitch.

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